Sunday, June 20, 2010

Run Like Robot 5K

Today I ran the "Run Like Robot Virtual 5K". You might ask, did you virtually run? No, I actually ran. The "Virtual" part of the 5K is that the organizer was in another city. She made shirts for several runners, in all different cities, to run a 5K, then post the pictures to her blog:

This was my first 5K since I got plantar fasciitis almost a year ago. I wrapped my foot with medical tape before the run and that seemed to help quite a bit. I also ran in the grass, which also made it easier on the feet.

We chose to run at a lake close by. It was early in the day, but it was already hot. We dropped a cooler with water along the trail so we could stay hydrated. It was an out and back trail, so we could stop for water twice along the way.

The lake was beautiful, and not too busy yet since it was still early in the day. The people watching was fun! There were a few boats, a few family groups preparing for lunch, and a game of cricket being played by guys dressed in all white! What a weird looking game! There was a guy with a metal detector whose wife sat looking bored while he "hunted" in the playground. There were other people out walking/running. There was a bird watcher who was incredibly close to a crane.

My husband is a real runner. I'm a not. He runs, I come out to support him. Unlike the metal detector man's wife, I actually subject myself to the activity, running (I enjoy it a little, the people watching is the best!).

Real runners are fast, calculated and competitive. He had a personal record breaking time... My time was a personal record breaker in the OTHER direction. He's a dedicated, self motivated speedy robot. I'm an easily distracted turtle robot! Either way, we both finished, alive.

It was so hot, that it was miserable. I started dry heaving about half way though. I got to the water stop the second time and I took the ice packs out of the cooler and put them on my head and back. I thought I might pass out. By the end of the run, we were both tomato red!

After the run we went to Sneaky Pete's, the closest restaurant on the lake. The service is always horrible (the waitstaff is all about 18), but the location is fun! There's a few volleyball nets and a pool out on the deck. One can park their boat and walk right into the restaurant. Those of us who don't have boats can swim on the other side. Most of the people there have on swim suits and are sunburned, but somehow, we still looked a little out of place!
Thanks, Kat, for organizing one of the most memorable and fun 5Ks I've ever ran! I had a lot of fun! I'm definitely in for another Virtual 5K!


  1. Good Job Sunny bird!!! I am glad you are getting into running!! I've always been a fan ;)

  2. Running is punishment!! But you were way good to do it for Marc! Hope newlywed life is treating you well:)

  3. You make such cute little red tomatoes together! : ) Great story. It's nice to hear about your life.