Thursday, July 7, 2011


I remember my mom’s short stubby fingers covered in dish bubbles as she handed me the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey, “You have to let it dry out first!” she said.

My cousin and I couldn’t wait. We spent the next day and a half debating what to wish for and whether or not the bone was dry enough for wishing and pulling.

I don’t remember what I wished for. But, I do remember that I was a little relieved that I lost. In my mind, if I “won”, then I’d feel sad that my cousin’s wish wasn’t going to come true. If I lost, then I wouldn’t have to worry about winning at the expense of another. Secretly, I really hoped the bone would split so evenly down the center that it would be ruled a tie and we’d both get our wishes.

My friend Val and I pulled the wishbone from a chicken last weekend. We didn’t let it dry. I knew what to wish for almost immediately, but, when I won I second guessed if the wish was something I should have wished for….As I get older my sense of “winning at the expense of another loosing” is getting smaller . But I’m asking myself if I’m wishing for the right things? I am wondering if my priorities are right.

A dear friend of mine, Missy, lost her mother today. She had COPD and had been sick for a little while, but it still must be very difficult. I would bet that right now she has only one wish- a wish for one more good day with her mom. One day where her mom isn’t in pain and where they can enjoy each other’s company.

Take that for priorities. Every once in a while, an event or a series of events casts a spell on our mind’s eyes- instantaneously making priorities crystal clear. Then life gets in the way and we forget. We get rude with the ones we love, we make stupid decisions, we get selfish…

I wish those life-changing events that snap our priorities into place would be less tragic, more often and fewer people would get hurt. That is what I should have wished for!

My thoughts and prayers are with Missy and her family. May the God of all Comfort be close to her.