Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Open Letter to Friend Re-entering the Workforce

Dear Friend,

Welcome back to the world of work! How are you adjusting back to long days in the office instead of long days at home? Is data entry more enjoyable than laundry and cleaning? I hope you are enjoying these first few weeks back to work. I know it will be a huge adjustment with a long list of pros and cons.

How's baby? Adjusting quickly I'm sure!

Are you getting back into the habit of packing a lunch and avoiding office junk food? I literally walk out of my way to NOT walk past the cookies, pretzels and candy at my office… I am powerless some days, and others I’m just fine with my apple and carrots instead of butter cream icing. Who am I kidding? That apple would taste better dipped in the icing!!

Anyway, here is a recipe for you that I enjoy taking to work.

Whole Wheat Wrap with Couscous:

Put a whole wheat Tortilla in a gallon sized Ziploc and roll it up.
Take about a 1/4 cup of cooked couscous and add 2 Tbs of Wheat Germ place in a microwave safe container. *Optional, add leftover meat or beans if you’d like.
Wash a handful of spinach and wrap in a paper towel.
In a separate container, put cheese and peppers and/or olives *optional add tomatoes, shredded carrots and/or cucumber.

At lunch time, heat Couscous mixture and tortilla. Spread the spinach on top of tortilla to provide extra strength for the wrap. Layer couscous mixture and cheese and veggies. Roll like a wrap and enjoy!

This recipe is extra healthy because there is no sauce/dressing needed. The couscous is moist enough to keep the wrap from feeling dry. This extremely low calorie meal provides a fullness and satisfaction, at least until the 3 o’clock snack!

Welcome back to the world of work! I hope you know that you have made excellent choices in staying home with you baby and then returning to work. Good luck in all you as you set out to find a work life balance! May you be happy in both!

I am proud of you!